Bill Hinz for Lowell Joint School District, Tuesday, November 2, 2010

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About Bill

Bill Hinz is a dedicated advocate for the education of local children. Having experience in the field of education he wants to be a voice for the residents on the Lowell Joint School Board. He is the parent of two children that both attended Lowell Joint School District Schools, which gives him a greater understanding of the district.

As a former teacher Bill has the experience necessary to make decisions that benefit all students, teachers, parents, and taxpayers. One of the most important things that Bill has advocated during his time in public education is taking the politics out of education.

For over the past three decades Bill has lived in Southern California, being actively involved in the community as a School Board Member, Planning Commissioner, and Parks Commissioner. Bill is running for Lowell Joint School Board to put that involvement to use, to ensure that the Lowell Joint School District remains a great place for students to learn.

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