Bill Hinz for Lowell Joint School District, Tuesday, November 2, 2010

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Dear Friend,

Bill Hinz

In one way or another, I have spent most of my life in schools.

I have been a teacher, a school boardmember, and I have been a parent who has helped in the classroom as my children went through the Lowell Joint schools.

As a teacher, I know the importance of making sure our children receive a well rounded education - stressing the fundamentals, while making sure they receive every opportunity to discover music and the arts.

As a School Boardmember, I always insisted on pushing for the highest standards - wanting to promote a culture of student success.

As a parent, I know the anxiety of wondering whether our schools are as safe as they need to be.

I look forward to hearing what your concerns are about our schools and encourage you to contact me for any reason.

Bill Hinz

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